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Why you are a Democrat

October 27, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

You might be a Democrat if....

By chance you are an undecided voter, let me tell you of a few of the incidents that make me a Democrat!

Republicans want nuclear power palnts and more landfills, but probably don’t want to live near them!

They belittle Rosie O’Donnell as a lesbie liberal, but say nothing of Dick Cheney’s daughter. Hypocrisy!

Some attack us verbally (State Fair) over pro-life issues, but are they willing to care for life after birth?

Saying “let them eat cat food if they haven’t saved enough for old age” is not my idea of being a Democrat.

Would you also be offended that a Branson entertainer asked audience members to stand to declare party affiliation? The person relating this to me said she should have walked out, and will never go back! I experienced a Branson comedian lecturing us about “Under God” in a tirade about the Plede of Allegiance. It was his show, but I’ll not go back. I pay to be entertained, not lectured politically, disguised as patriotism!

The most recent reason concerns my late sister (6/7/10) who received a humerous (?) yet threatening E-mail with a gun pointed at her for being a liberal. Her last response was a firm never, ever send me another E-mail! She did live to see Obama and Franken elected, but will miss the defeat of the wacky three: Bachman, O’Donnell and Angle. If you need more reasons, just listen!

Beth Lamb



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