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Caution urged in driving because of deer population

October 14, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

Car-Deer Collisions

Iowa is ranked number 3 out of the fifty states in car-animal collisions. This confirms what Iowa residents have voicing in their personal stories of near misses and collision damages.

It is the government of the State of Iowa that is causing the high frequency of deer collisions. Iowa’s DNR regulates the number of deer per county. Go to DNR’s web site and you can bring up a county map depicting the set limit of deer hunting kills allowed for each county.

DNR wants to maintain a large deer population so a large number of hunting licenses can be sold for revenue each fall. All of the wildlife and fisheries management activities are supported by license fees paid by Iowa’s anglers and hunters. Therefore, it is in the DNR employees own self-vested interest to keep money coming in to meet and expand their payroll and other expenses. Iowa citizen’s safety is traded-off for government revenue from hunting. Our political leaders at the Statehouse should decouple the link between DRA Wildlife management staff salaries and the revenue flow from selling fishing and hunting licenses.

Source: Recent article in the Des Monies Register: Iowa ranked third in car-animal collisions

Source: Iowa Department of Natural Resources web site for map of Poweshiek County Deer Kill Quota

DNR Home page

Click on left side: Hunting and Fishing

Then Click again on left side: Regulations and Season Dates

Then click on Menu choice: 2010-11 Regulations Hunting and Wildlife

John Clayton



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