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Amending the Constitution

September 23, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Dear Editor,

Americans under the Constitution have several rights including the right to amend the Constitution or at least it use to be that way. I never thought that the day come when the practice of a 10th amendment right of the people would be declared unconstitutional. Yet this very thing has happend over California's Prop. 8. The only way to repeal a constitutional amendment is with another amendment but it cannot be done by a judicial fiat. Judge Walker's unjust ruling should be of great concern to all Americans. For it is now conceivable that any of our inalienable rights could be challenged in court and stripped from us by activist judges willing to appease a faction. The Constitution gives the judicial branch the least amount of power, yet some people act like a court ruling is the final say on everything. Frankly, judges are not God and it is time to stop treating them like it. Judge Walker's decree is not "good behaviour". He has exceeded his authority and engaged in judicial tyranny. Congress should impeach him for his abuse of power. Our government is supposed to be of, by and for the people. It was never intended to be a judicial oligarchy nor should it be allowed to become one.

Alan Laird

Ollie, Iowa


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