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Which Way to Heaven?

September 12, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to Editor:

Again the Christian Right (C.R.) proclaims their key core issues in the upcoming election: against abortion; against Gays; against embryo-destructive research; and against strict separation of church and state.   Only in publically opposing what they see as immoral are they practicing their faith as true followers.  In such a situation, they can not lose. If the C.R. wins the election souls are saved by forcing their morality on the sinful. If defeated at the polls the C.R. can see them as a separate part, even martyrs, not going along with society’s sins.

Other Christians name immoralities; yet, they believe god gave everyone the right to have free consciousness.   This 18th century Christian concept was called The Enlightenment.  We owe that idea to the establishment of our democratic country. Most Christians believe that God gave us free will and all are equal in expressing their free will (free choice) and have the right to do so in their elected government. 

You are a Christian even if you do not chest thump-beat the election issues of the Christian Right.  If Marge gets an abortion or Mark and Matt pal up together, that has more to do with them and god then with me and god. If I do not join with other citizens to derail the mounting debt we are placing on future generations; placing sorrowful burdens, now that is between me and god. The C.R. justifies the domination and suppression of others, but other Christians do not bypass nor see as secondary the issues of: high unemployment, improving education, government welfare, national debt, tax rates, and food price inflation. 

Social justice is less about preventing individuals from choosing to do the wrong thing and more about individual citizens cooperating to improve the lives of many; including one’s own family in this dismal economy. 

John Clayton



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