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Parking "rights and wrongs"

September 10, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letters to the Editor Have you ever been aware of how many ADULTS, of all ages, park wrong at the stores? I have, and wonder where they got their license. How can one NOT be aware of the painted lines that are repainted every year so one knows where they ARE to park? How many of you have noticed the cars that park in the MIDDLE, just because they are to lazy; I guess, to drive just a little bit further to an actual parking spot. I know we all really need the exercise of walking just a bit. I understand if you are handicapped. There are special places for you. What is the excuse for the others? How can one expect the teenagers to learn good parking habits if the adults do not show them how to properly park between the lines. If there are no lines, that means DO NOT park there. If you do not have the time to park proper,maybe you should just stay home until you have more time. There are also adults that like to park in the FIRE LANE at some stores. Give me a break people! How do you expect other cars to come into or out of a lot when you have blocked everyone in because you parked in the FIRE LANE? How can you say that you did not know? Please clean your glasses and read your driving manuel. This was just a fun editorial that I thought of. Better than some of those political ones that ramble on. Ooooops, guess that is just what I did. SORRY! Have a good week, God Bless you all,and park nice now. :) P.M.Henle Toledo


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