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The 'Dream Act'

August 23, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to Editor: The Dream Act is a proposed law to grant legal status to undocumented students who enroll in college education. In addition, these illegal immigrants would be eligible for reduced in-state tuition fees and federal student college loans. This law would impact thousands of illegal students residing in Iowa.

Yes, these students are our neighbors, classmates, and friends, but sympathy does not write a free pass for amnesty. Could someone please explain to me how illegal immigrant parents could afford to pay for their children’s K-12 grade education and medical bills for immunization shots and other medical attention over the years?

How it is cold hearted to expect illegal immigrant parents to advise their child-students to return to their home country for a college education or apply for a visa to enroll in college in Iowa? Personal close friends of those students are sympathetic and let you loosen up your wallets and donate college money to those illegal students. Citizens of Iowa as a whole are not obligated to continue to dole out taxpayer money to fulfill the dreams of illegal immigrant parents.

John Clayton




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