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Says Cherry Lake rules too restrictive

July 24, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor: I grew up in Tama. For nearly 60 Years I was able to enjoy Cherry Lake. As a Child I swam in the lake, I fished in the lake and walked completely around the lake in Play. As a young adult and even as I grew older I was able to drive down the south side to fish. We were able to fish anywhere in the lake, not just the east end where at that time we felt the water was probably polluted from Paper Mill usage anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed all of Cherry Lake. The Paper Mill no longer uses Cherry Lake water so that is no longer a concern. A good thing since Tama has effectively shut down fishing anywhere in the lake other than the east end. Particularly to older or handicapped residents. With two gates (normally closed) you can no longer drive to any fishing along the south side and the north side is a long walk. Either side is a long walk carrying a complement of fishing gear. So they have effectively discriminated against the elderly or handicapped. I seem to notice this a whole lot more now that I am 67 and not as able to walk those distances as easily as I used to. But then I guess I could use a boat. All I have to do is figure out how to get it into the water by hand over all those slippery chunks of cement. Then since I can’t even use an electric motor for propulsion I’ll have to figure out how to cast for bass or crappies while trying to row the bow. I can understand Tamas fear of liability. But can anyone name one person that has drowned in Cherry Lake in the last 70 years while Fishing through the Ice. They have made Cherry Lake so restrictive as to make it virtually unusable. I live in Toledo now. If I lived in Tama I believe I would do every thing in my power to refuse my Tax money to pay for upkeep on that lake. Theres no Picnic area, no recreation area, no boat docks, nothing. The only thing that could be construed as recreation area would be the walking and jogging trails but then again thats only open to the people that are physically fit enough. Is that why Tama excepted the responsibility and expense of that lake. For just those very few. Is that what the tax money is supposed to upkeep. Butch Kroeger Toledo


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