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April 8, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

Ok all ye nay sayers and nay-voters for change (huh???? wut him say?) .... jus’ bear with me here ... this really did happen post-election 2009. Actualy it was just the other day in the month of March 2010 (change, someone say change?!?!). I, confidently happy can say dis... i caliz this individual (newly elected) and inform (via telephone) said individual of an issue regarding a situation out here where WE ALL live, work, laugh, play, fight, argue, etc. etc .... didn’t demand anything, didn’t threaten anything, no more than, just INFORMED said individual (i did inquire ‘bout something tho) ... Now mind you, i did PERSONALLY speak person to person with said individual. So said individual tellz me..blah,blah,blah,blah (
Ira Whitebreast

Rural Tama


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