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Claims problems with home on Meskwaki Settlement

March 18, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

Firstly and always i am an enrolled male member of the meskwaki tribe and human and not simply a client that u serve (and purportedly/allegedly work for?), as YOU state on ur web page. Unfortunately but without regret i would have to be and am one of the “THOSE PEOPLE” to inform others that you have fallen short in your objectives, goals, responsibilities and most sadly honoring YOUR WORD(s). If your obligation to YOURSELF in justifying what you get paid for is simply a “job,” well,u have fallen short there as well. Taking reference from personal experienci’m bewildered/suprised YOU have not yet been terminated at the very least for such blatant (MY confidence in you wanes ) shortcomings. Obviously that is something that doesn’t concern (nor pertain to?) YOU for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because you’ve insulated yourselves and aided yourselves in covering up and removing as always that elusive “paper trail” (WE gots good at that ennit?) Just so we all know my house is still located in the same place it has always been (pssst .... (CLUE COMING)... u guys built it) ... i’m not exactly sure now, since it’s been so long since i actually conversed with (much less seen, during “working/business hours”) ANY member of your department at my location of residence, but my house will most likely( < unqualified guess >) suffer more water damage for the 3rd,4th or is it the 6th time ? (
We might b talking 2 years since i was last told/informed by your esteemed leader/puppet (Yo.. L.K. u there? Just nod ur head if u are) that “This is what WE can do and it’s a Housing thing WE can take care of ourselves”. I’m not sure what ya meant exactly as i still await with dread another spring thaw (gonna b a wet one! ) when my bedroom (among other rooms) will once again become soaked/flooded and i gotta spend nights when it rains checking throughout the night as to whether the weather person was correct in their forecast (it makes for restless nights believe me). i also wonder (although i’m not qualified) as to whether i just might wake up one of these nights and receive some sort of electrical jolt/shock (do fatal ACCIDENTS just happen?) as i step outta bed onto a soaking wet floor or god forbid one of those darn electrical outlets catches fire or worse even, there in my bedroom or perhaps even from an outlet on/in one of the surrounding walls/rooms. I’ve also noticed the windows there in the bedroom seem to have what (again i’m just an unqualified “client”), appears to be mold (gee how’d that get there????) (yuck). A health hazard perhaps? OR maybe just maybe due to the numerous times WE have had water cause damage the walls have water damage within them as well?( hmmm i wonder). it’s funny (business as usual?) how once YOU started formulating ur brain storms for a solution to

“MY problem” i was BLESSED to be witness to that wholly congregation of qualified individuals you run with, (road crew big BO$$ man, housing big shots past and present, etc. ...*yawn* ) but since OUR communication ceased personally and otherwise (evidently at your discretion) i sense that something has changed as to your(s) (AND others) commitment (HONORING YOUR WORD) professionally and otherwise. Boy WE sure are glad this isn’t your (problem) house huh???? WE (?) Oust WHO is this WE i keep hearing bout anyways??!??! ).... couldn’t and wouldn’t want that for YOU and yours now would WE ? I’m sure those beneath you in the pecking order are wondering, should they read this,whether THEY NOW will have to “put up with” more stuff from that ira whitebreast guy ... regrettably they will not be receiving anything from me (surely not an apology) due in course AS A RESULT OF YOUR wanton/SELECTIVE neglect in and of your goal/mission/statement/WORD(s)/ and last but not least J-0-B !!!!! Of course maybe i’m just VENTING AGAIN aswe all are prone to do (it’s a personal choice/RIGHT/privilege) but, i also want it known (FOR MY OWN WELLBEING ) in my OWN qualified opinion as a human I do not believe this to be proper treatment /service due ANY client much less a human or otherwise (i.e. Tribal MEMBER) M-E-M-B-E-R .... Member (look it up). MY Purpose (thaw) of this writing/gibberish U ask????? (water) couldn’t (damage) sleep hmmm (mold?) wonder if perhaps.. (electrical shock)... ahhh ... never mind. (I GOTTA go pay my house insurance in the morning). Sleep well MY people.

Ira Whitebreast

Rural Tama


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