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Green cleaning

March 11, 2010
By State Rep. Lance Horbach (R-Tama)
On the way to the capitol on Monday morning, I was listening to the Jan Mickelson Show on WHO Radio.The topic being discussed over Iowa’s air waves was the issue of 300 school teachers being laid off in the Des Moines School District. I thought to myself, “Each of my school districts in Tama and Grundy Counties are making similar budget decisions right now.”

I thought about that all day, and now at 7:00 Monday evening, the Iowa House of Representatives resumed debate…I was ready!

Let’s debate over-spending, cut waste, implement job-creating legislation, and balance the budget! Then the Speaker called HF 823 to the floor for debate…

HF 823 is the bill that instructs our schools, community colleges, regents and government divisions to use “green” cleaning products. Wait a minute? Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! How many jobs does this create? How does this balance our budget?

Property tax payers are dreading the 2nd property tax payment in March, state employees are in fear of losing their jobs, Iowa’s employers are trying to make payroll…and the Iowa Legislature is debating “green” cleaning supplies for use in our buildings! Wow!

Here’s an irony, two bills later the legislature said it was ok to push our State budget problems onto the local school boards. “School board members are very qualified people, and we trust them

to make the right decisions regarding whether or not they push this shortfall back on the property tax payers.” That was an actual quote from a legislator. I thought to myself, “We trust them with $2.7 million dollar decisions but NOT when it comes to which cleaning products their school uses?”

Iowa legislators are so good with words, how can they misunderstand what tax payers are saying?

Tax payers told the elected officials to go to Des Moines, clean house, and save the tax payers some green. Legislators took that to mean they should clean the Iowa House using “green” cleaning products, hoping they’ll come back tomorrow and all their problems will be washed away!

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