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State vs. Maid Rites

March 11, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

I read in the Marshalltown Times Republican this past Sunday that Taylors Maid Rite, an 80 year old central Iowa icon, is in danger of being shut down by our state bureaucrats over what type of cooker they and many other Maid Rite franchises use for their hamburger.

This is ridiculous. he state bureaucrats at the Dept. of Inspections and Appeals can’t point to any safety problem at all, the cooker Taylors uses heats the meat to 200 degrees when the state requirement is only 160. But the cooker isn’t the politically correct type or brand, the bureaucrats want Taylors to use a cooker that only cooks 20 pounds of meat an hour instead of the large cooker Taylors must use to meet the high demand they have for their sandwiches.

The bureaucrat at the DIA is a recent appointee of Democrat Gov. Culvers, he is reversing a decision by his predecessor from 2 years ago that declared the cooker Taylors uses as safe and acceptable. The idea that a great Iowa restaurant could be destroyed on the whim of a bureaucrat who wants to dictate what appliance a restaurant uses is just too much. Government regulation is out of control, and this is but one very personal example of how it harms our local businesses. If you love Taylors and it’s 80 year Central Iowa tradition, then please call the governors office at 515-281-5211 and ask them why their bureaucrats are trying to kill off Taylors!

I called them this morning.

Dean Fisher



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