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Wind power taking the heart out of Tama County

February 11, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

In regards to the three proposed wind farms in Tama County, they will be taking the best farmland out of production for at least 25 years or possibly longer. The 300 jobs that will be created will blow away just like the wind.

They have already allowed the quality of my air from the factory hog plants and now they also want to litter the country side with flashing red lights and spinning turbines. At least the factory hog plants are producing food where the wind turbines never will or supply us with enough electricity to make a difference.

Wind power is supposed to be green energy, but I would much rather see the waving green field of crops. Not only do they affect the health of humans but, the conception rates of animals and their health as well. This will decrease the food production also.

With the increase in the human population and the decrease in useable land it would make lots more sense to use more efficient electricity instead of wind. Wind is the 2nd highest subsidy by the government behind solar. What will happen if the subsidies are pulled?

Farmers are already restricted enough by the government with what you can and can not do with your land. Other concerns are the compaction of the ground, shading of the crops from the blades(light interception), decrease of land value and being told when you can spray your crops, are just a few. Not to mention interference with communication, television, GPS and radar.

Why bring the chance of terrorism to Tama County, because they will go after the infrastructure. You have chosen to farm the land don’t let the blind greed of the large cash of generating electricity sway you of being good stewards of the land. The turbine people are handing you “THEIR” contract and are not spelling out some of the negatives which appear as protection for you. Their option contract will tie up wind rights to your whole farm-not just where the turbines go.

Do some research before you sign. Don’t forget the old saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Bill Murty

Rural Traer


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