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Propose fiber-optic link of South Tama schools

February 11, 2010
By Joyce Wiese, News Correspnodent
TAMA NEWS-HERALD - South Tama Schools are progressing in exploring the linking of the four school buildings in Tama and Toledo and the district Administration Building with fiber optics. The STC School Board authorized advertising for sealed bids for the project at their Feb. 1 board meeting and a hearing on the project and consideration of the bids is set for Monday, Feb. 15.

What is sought is described as single-mode fiber. If the project gains final approval, funding will be from the Capital Projects or PPEL fund.

South Tama will request proposals for the installation, testing and acceptance of the Fiber Optic project. Prices quoted shall be all-inclusive and represent complete installation. The contractor will be responsible for all parts,labor, and all other associated apparatus necessary to completely install, test and turnover for acceptance to the STC Board.

The schedule of events for this project is as follows, with some already to have occurred:

1. Release for Proposal to Bidders on Feb. 2

2. Bidders conference on Feb. 3

3.Evaluation of responses on Feb. 26, at 3:00 p.m.

4. Contract Award on March 1

5. Installation starts at the contractor’s discretion after bid award

6. Installation completion by Aug. 1, 2010.

7. End-to-end testing, final punch list, review of testing and acceptance by South Tama all at completion of installation.

A single mode fiber is a minimum of 12 strands, outdoor rated. All connections will be home-run to the High School. Alternate connection methods using one building as an intermediary point to connect a distant building will be accepted if each building has 12 strands terminating at the High School and the other end point (remote building).

Staff Changes

In November the STC Board announced a retirement incentive plan as part of an overall budget reduction plan. The response to the plan has been quite large with 29 staff members voluntarily accepting the incentive plan.

The staff’s response greatly reduced the number of positions and contracts that will be reduced in force in order to balance the budget, recover the cash loss and remain financially stable.

The district will be able to fill several of the vacant positions by transferring and reassigning staff. In several incidences the position eliminated is not necessarily the position thatwill actually be eliminated. There will be a total of 6.5 teaching positions, 7.5 support staff positions, one business office position an 1 administrative position eliminated in this plan.

To the extent possible the staff members impacted by the reduction will be encouraged to transferto available positions within the district that they are qualified to serve. There will be some limitations as to what can be done due to certification requirements and the master contract.

In other business Kevin Nelson, representing the Education Asociation, expressed how much the Association appreciates the communication with Supt. Nelson concerning the adjustments being made and wanted to thank the board and administraton. Nelson has been working on notifying staff on reductions in force, a contract for a secondary program with EduCare and Facilities studies with Struxture and Legislative issues .



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