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Kapucian Korner

April 15, 2009
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Just a few days more and the 2009 Legislative Session will be history, of course, unless there would be a special session called.

Leadership in the Senate has stated that we will not debate whether or not to let the people of Iowa vote on the marriage issue. I have stated and will re-iterate that I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. That being said, I still believe this is such an energizing issue that we should bring this up to the people and let the majority rule.

Federal deductibility is another issue that is still up in the air with new amendments. Currently, 10 percent of the citizens of Iowa pay 50 percent of the taxes and the elimination of Federal Deductibility would increase the amount of money for those that already pay the majority of the taxes. With all the rhetoric out there, it is hard to find the truth. I believe restructuring our tax system is too important to just rush through at the end of the session. I am opposed to eliminating Federal Deductibility and believe that if our tax system truly needs to be overhauled, let's think it through, get everything out in the open, work on it during the interim and come back next year and make sound, informed decisions.

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Sen. Tim Kapucian

Today's debate calendar includes Senate File 464, the bio-diesel bill. Another tough issue. I am completely supportive of our bio-fuels industry. We need to use all forms of energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Renewable fuel sources grown here in Iowa are good for Iowa. So, what is the problem? First of all, it is a mandate, once implemented you will no longer have a choice in Iowa if you want to use bio-diesel or not. You will only be able to buy B-5 diesel. The cost per gallon may be higher than straight diesel. Trucks traveling through Iowa may decide to buy their fuel elsewhere due to costs and the cleaning effect that soy-diesel has will require more frequent filter changes for a period of time. I believe bio-diesel has a bright future and will grow and become a major fuel source in this country, however, I can not vote for a mandate on this issue. As always, I believe you should be allowed to make your own choice at the gas pump.

We are still waiting on the manure management bill to make it's return from the House where they are working with amendments.

By the time you get this, any of you who attended the forum in Dysart Saturday morning, know that I was not there. I am sure Dawn Pettengill and Lance Horbach hosted the event well. I had a sad occasion, the funeral of Larry Meyer from Keystone. Larry was a good family friend and just an all around super guy and will be greatly missed. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to his family.

Please feel free to contact me: or 515 281-3371

As always, it is my pleasure and honor to serve as your state senator and welcome your input.

Sen. Tim Kapucian,

Tama, Grundy, Benton and Iowa counties.



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