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The Kapucian Korner

March 11, 2009
State Sen. Tim Kapucian (R-Keystone)


plant loss

As the temperature warms up outside, things are heating up inside the Capitol as well. Bills flying in and out of sub-committees and full committees all trying to find a spot on the floor of their respective chambers for debate.

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Sen. Tim Kapucian

I was dismayed late yesterday to hear of Alliant Energy's plans to cancel the building of a new generating plant in Marshalltown. This was a fantastic opportunity for Central Iowa. Even though this plant would have been outside my district, many of my constituents would have had job opportunities. They would have been good jobs that would benefit the whole community.

Not to mention the fact that adding power to the grid is important for our future and economic growth.

It's hard to bring new companies here without electricity to support them. After months and months of going through the onerous process of acquiring permits and jumping through all the interagency hoops, another Government Agency, the Iowa Utilities Board throws a wrench in the works by not allowing Alliant to have the ability to make enough money to pay for the plant. No wonder Iowa ranks number 2 in the country as having the most unattractive business climate.

I am currently working on a sub-committee dealing with spreading manure on frozen ground.

It is a balancing act as we try not to make life any tougher on our hard working livestock farmers but, yet appease the DNR who are in control of the environment.

Many times we are at extreme opposites, but it is to everyone's best interest to find common ground where we can meet and go from there.

Rumor has it that we will be debating the gas tax increase next week. Also, the vote dealing with eliminating the Electoral Vote for Iowa looms out there. I really believe some of the "far out there bills" have just been thrown out to keep us off track with Budget issues until the Revenue Estimating Conference meets around the 20th of March.

This conference will give us an idea of how revenue to the state is in comparison to how it was back in December.

This will show us the current trend and give us more confidence in our budgeting process.

We will keep trying to curtail state spending and provide a better business atmosphere here in the Great State of Iowa.

I will be hosting a Listening Post at the Grundy Center Community Center on March 14 at 10 a.m. Rep. Lance Horbach has been invited to attend.

Please feel free to contact me: or 515 281-3371.



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