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Iowa’s first stimulus proposal is a bike trail

February 11, 2009
State Tep. Lance Horbach (R-Tama)

Gov. Culver is asking the Iowa Legislature to approve a 20-year bond debt of $700 million to be used as a stimulus for flood recovery efforts. Yesterday, there was a press conference held by Senator Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines) stating, "Time and time again, young people have told us that the one reason they don't stay in Iowa is a lack of recreation activities. Business leaders have told me repeatedly that quality of life issues are a key factor in plant location decisions."

The request by Sen. McCoy and project supporters, asks the legislature to spend $2.1 million to help complete the last 33 miles of an 89-mile bike trail that travels from Waukee to Perry and then circles back to Waukee.

Excuse me Sen. McCoy, Using emergency funds for a bike trail to improve quality of life, when people in eastern Iowa no longer have homes, clothes, jobs, let alone bikes? We were told last week that 70% of the Cedar Rapids' downtown businesses are still unoccupied. I think if the state is willing to bond for flood recovery then we need to make sure that this money gets to the people that need it most.

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I don't doubt that a nice bike trail in the Des Moines area would help keep younger Iowan's here. But right now, Iowa needs to do what Iowan's do best, and that's help the most needy, those devastated by the 2008 Floods. Once we have them back on their feet, we can get them on a bike!

State Rep. Lance Horbach (R-Tama)

Tama and Grundy counties



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