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Toledo Taekwondo Club opens

January 21, 2009
John Speer, Editor

Classes are underway on East High Street in downtown Toledo. Jeff Chesick, a Level 2 certified instructor in Taekwondo, has opened a facility offering training in a form of Korean martial arts to both young and old. Toledo's Christian Taekwondo Club now occupies the spacious storefront at 112 East High in what had last been occupied by The Market. It formerly was the longtime location of Dwight's Store for Gentlemen and Their Sons.

Chesick said he began Dec. 11 with two students and was already up to seven last Tuesday. He said he has had parents express appreciation for the new offering and they have said they "are glad for something like this here."

He stressed, "We are very family oriented."

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Taekwondo instructor Jeff Chesick (foreground) demonstrates technique to student Steve Kenkel, Toledo, during a class last week at the new Toledo’s Christan Takewondo Club downtown.
Chronicle/John Speer

An open house was held last Friday and a "Boot Camp" is set for Jan. 17 here.

A class "Tiny Tigers" for youth ages three-six and programs for older youth and adults are all offered.

Toledo's Christian Taekwondo Club is a branch of the long-established Marshalltown Christian American Taekwondo Association (ATA) headed by Tim Miltenberger for more than 20 years. Chesick credits Miltenberger for promoting the idea of a club here.

Fact Box

Toledo's Christian

Taekwondo Club

112 E. High St., Toledo

Ph. 641-691-7870

Instructor- Jeff Chesick,

Taekwondo Level 2


-Current Schedule-

Monday nights-

5-6 p.m.- Open workouts

6-7 p.m.- White through Yellow adults

7-8 p.m.- Cameo and above adults

Tuesday and Thursday nights

5-5:30 p.m.- Tiny Tigers

5:30-6:30 p.m.- White through Yellow

6:30-7:30 p.m.- Cameo and above


"Courtesy, respect, discipline and motor skills" for young people are the goals for participants according to club information. For older members, the school promises students will "relieve stress, lose weight and get in shape."

The club brochure explains Taekwondo "is an exciting and powerful martial art technique known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques." There are 13 levels of achievement.

Chesick said the ceremony for 1st Degree Black Belts is illustrative "of what Taekwondo and Jesus can do for you."

Students can also take part in tournament competition. Chesick said he has competed in both Missouri and Nebraska.

Chesick said he became involved with Taekwondo a Korean form of martial arts somewhat by accident four years ago.

He accompanied a grand nephew and another young man to classes in Marshalltown conducted by Miltenberger. What he discovered "literally affected my life and I need to do this," Chesick said last week. He has achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt status.

"This style of martial arts and organization is a lot like the style I had experienced during my years in the military," he said. Chesick is a 13-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Taekwondo was brought to the United States by Eternal Grand Mater H.U. Lee in the 1960s. The American Taekwondo Association is headquartered in Omaha.

Chesick is a native of the Marshalltown area and graduated from Green Mountain High School. He has been employed for the past 14 years at Lennox Industries in Marshalltown. His wife, JoEllyn, is a member of the housekeeping staff at Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center.



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