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Is adding fluoride to Tama’s water to become an issue?

December 20, 2013

Should the City of Tama continue to add fluoride to the municipal water supply? With this issue reported cropping up in Des Moines recently, Public Works Director John Lloyd and Water Superintendent......

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Dec-25-13 7:13 AM

Fluoridation Opposition is Scientific, Respectable & Growing

New York -- December 2013 -- Over 4,600 professionals (including 365 dentists and 566 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped because science shows fluoridation is ineffective and harmful. See statement: ***********fluoridealert****/researchers/professionals-statement/text/

Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Arvid Carlsson, says, “Fluoridation is against all principles of modern pharmacology. It's really obsolete.”

Most dentists are trained to use politics and not science to promote fluoridation, according to Armfield and Melbye in the Journal of the American Dental Association .

Other studies show how dentists don’t keep current on new fluoride science, e.g, this study by Yoder *******tinyurl****/Yoder

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Dec-21-13 5:31 AM

jwillie has not learned what the world already knows.

Fluoridation of water to optimal levels for dental health is:

Safe, Effective, and it saves millions of people the pain and suffering of preventable dental cavities.

So says the American Academy of Pediatrics. Need I list more?

Name one credible scientific organization in the world that agrees with any of your opposition group's claims. Just one, James.


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Dec-20-13 11:11 PM

The world has learned the truth that fluoridation is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water, more in the U.S. than the rest of the world combined. Israel has now joined last July in banning it. A study by the WHO shows that the tooth decay rate in Europe is as good or better than any fluoridated country including the U.S. The solution for the fluoridation issue is very simple. SIMPLE SOLUTION: 1. Take the toxic waste fluoride chemical out of the drinking water. 2. It is still legal and available, so those who wish to take it can then put fluoride in their own glass of water. 3. Leave the rest of us out of it, giving everyone the freedom of choice. PROBLEM SOLVED FOR EVERYONE.

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Dec-20-13 9:17 PM

No Nonsense,

Actually, nonsense gleaned from antifluoridationist websites is ALL you post. First, the latest CDC report shows an INCREASE in fluoridation in the United States from 73% in 2011 to 74% in 2012. Second, no one in the world, including Israel, has ever "banned" fluoridation. Israel's current regulation which has authorized fluoridation for decades in that country, will expire in August of 2014, due to the efforts of the recently elected, long time antifluoridationist Minister of Health. In the absence of issuance of new authorization for fluoridation, it will cease in August of 2014. Assumedly, the Israeli medical/ healthcare community will obtain new authorization for fluoridation prior to the expiration of the current one.

Third, neither the American Medical Association, nor any other respected scientific organization will commit to absolute 100% guarantee of ANYthing, nor should they. There are no such guarantees in science.

Steven D. Slott, DDS

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Dec-20-13 8:59 PM

Well, No Nonsense, i'll admit that amid all of your unsubstantiated nonsense, you did have one good suggestion for Tama decision makers......they should consult the NSF for accurate information on the content of fluoridated water. As water from the tap is that which will be ingested, this is where quality standards begin. The NSF Standard 60 certification requirements begin with water at the tap. This certification, mandated by the EPA for all water additives, requires that no contaminant be present in water from the tap, in excess of 10% of the EPA maximum level of safety (MCL) for that contaminant. Fluoridated water easily meets those requirements. Otherwise, it would not be allowed by the EPA. The complete list of contaminants in fluoridated water, with the barely detectable minuscule concentration of each, is readily available on the NSF website:


Steven D. Slott, DDS

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Dec-20-13 8:08 PM

Jwillie/James Reeves

...."when did dentists become qualified to prescribe a drug that affects my entire body?" dental school? Newsflash, jwillie....dentists are licensed by the states and authorized by the federal government to prescribe the full range of medications, all of which affect the entire body.

So, if there was any doubt before about the ignorance of those such as jwillie who post unsubstantiated, intentionally misleading, and false information, this comment of his should put all doubt to rest.

Steven D. Slott, DDS

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Dec-20-13 4:08 PM

When did dentists become qualified to prescribe or promote a drug that effects my entire body? They are not trained in and are not authorities in the body organs, bones, brains, kidneys, glands, etc., damaged by fluoride. Note these facts: 1. A baby at current levels of fluoride receives approximately 175 times more fluoride than a breast-fed infant. 2. There is not a single process in your body that requires fluoride. 3. A multi-million dollar U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) -funded study found no relation between tooth decay and the amount of fluoride ingested by children.

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Dec-20-13 2:59 PM

There is no such thing as being fluoride deficient!

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Dec-20-13 2:52 PM

***lott, the most important thing for Tama decision makers is to use common sense. If they have never determined anyone in their community to be fluoride deficient, how then can they believe the drinking water needs to be supplemented with it? They should ask to see the NSF certificates of analysis of the product and realize that every batch is also contaminated with arsenic. Fluoridation discriminates. Like any other classified bio-accumulative toxin, it will hurt those that are the frailest with the poorest nutrition the most. They should be consulting real fluoride toxicity experts, not dental associations that make a profit from fixing dental fluorosis.

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Dec-20-13 2:43 PM

If artificial fluoridation worked, more communities would be adding it instead of eliminating it. Canada now has a majority who have rejected it. Israel has just joined the numbers of countries who have banned it entirely. Compare the oral health maps provided by the CDC and you will see no correlation between states that have a higher percentage of fluoridation with less tooth loss. In fact some of the most fluoridated states have the highest percentage of tooth loss. The CDC also claims more than 40% of teens have dental fluorosis – caused from fluoride over-exposure. The American Medical Association has stated that they are "not prepared to state that no harm will be done to any person by water fluoridation." EPA scientist formed a union when the EPA wanted to alter their statements regarding fluoridation. Meanwhile the World Health Organization states, " where a population has a high level of detnal awareness and uses toothpaste, there is no need to supply fluoridat

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Dec-20-13 12:23 PM

Community water fluoridation (fluoridation) enjoys a nearly 70 year history of reducing cavities for anyone who simply drinks the water.

Fluoridation does not cause any adverse health effects in anyone.

Fluoridation reduces the pain and suffering of cavities by at least 25% over a person's lifetime.

Fluoridation is endorsed by dozens of credible scientific groups who critically evaluate the literature. Here are a few:

American Academy of Pediatrics American Dental Association American Medical Association National Cancer Institute Centers for Disease Control World Health Organization The Community Preventive Services Task Force

Trust the folks who we entrust the health of our children, grandchildren, and families to to do the reviews of literature to make our lives safer and healthier. I choose to trust these groups with my family's health.

Follow our expert's recommendations. Don't be fooled by self-proclaimed experts.

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Dec-20-13 12:16 PM

The most important thing for the Tama decision makers to realize is that they will be flooded with unsubstantiated claims about fluoridation. The comment from jwillie6 here is a prime example. He pastes this same, verbatim comment all over the internet, with the deceptive link to "fluoridealert****" which is nothing more than a biased, antifluoridationist website of the NY antifluoridattionist group, FAN. There is absolutely no valid support for any of the claims made by jwillie, which is why he cites no supporting evidence. Any claims must be relevant to fluoride at the level of 0.7ppm, and they must be supported by valid, peer-reviewed evidence. Anything else is meaningless.

The websites of the CDC, EPA, NSF, ADA, and the WHO each has a wealth of accurate information, fully supported by valid science. Utilize this information, stay clear of misinformation of antifluoridationist websites, and you will be fine.

Steven D. Slott, DDS

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Dec-20-13 10:53 AM

The world has learned the truth that fluoridation is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water. To see why, Google "Fluoride dangers" and read a few of the 800,000 articles.

Medical professionals should be ashamed to support such a crude and unethical practice which results in cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ (36 studies), kidney disease, arthritis and other serious health problems. See "Dangerous Health Effects" at ***********fluoridealert****/issues/health/.

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