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Defends horse slaughter

July 31, 2013

Dear Editor, If Mr. Redford, PETA, HSUS, and others insist on pursuit of banning slaughter in the USA then might I make a suggestion....

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Jul-31-13 8:35 AM

There is no defending horse slaughter. It's horrible practice and a complete waste of taxpayer's dollars.

Each plant would cost taxpayers $400,000.00 for USDA inspections and the meat would be shipped overseas.

Horses are not raised for slaughter in the U.S. and are routinely given drugs not fit for human consumption. An estimated 90% are given Bute, and the European Union will not take a horse for slaughter if it's given Bute even once in it's life.

Additionally, we have to factor in the taxpayer expense of police officers who will likely be taking more reports on horse theft and making more investigations into horse theft in this economy -- the worst since the Great Depression.

As a horse owner for 40 years and a grower of corn, wheat and soybeans, the USDA has no business inspecting horse slaughter plants.

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Jul-31-13 4:22 PM

Glad you brought this up Ms. Morrow. The question on what caused the decline of the horse industry. To hear you and others who want to kill horses, the cause for their abuse and lack of adequate care is becausde they are protected from slaughter on American soil. Well, listening to someone's opinion who speaks from a dark place does nothing to reach intelligent resolution of problems. The real problem is the high price of hay. As a matter of fact, abuse of horses declined once slaughter was banned in the U.S. Why? One can only surmise that it was due to the fact that people who abuse and overbreed horses and want others to pay their feed bills, board bills and vet bills went elsewhere for their welfare. Maybe on to puppy mills?

Once slaughter is banned through passage and signature of the SAFE Act, all American horses will be safe and those who would abuse them will be weeded out.

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Aug-01-13 12:50 AM

Wow. I've seen people applaud lack of responsibility before, but demanding that anyone who is against slaughter be physically and financially responsible for the mess made by breeders and irresponsible owners is pretty outrageous. This rant is not based on facts or reality.

The reported abuse and neglect in horses has been highly exaggerated and has nothing at all to do with the closing of U.S. slaughterhouses in 2007. The GAO report was found to be fraudulent. Thus, we were told that there is a crisis, when in actuality there are far fewer "abandoned" horses than rumored. Horse prices are also NOT controlled by slaughter. And keep in mind, horse slaughter never ended in the United States. Only the location where they were killed changed. Anyway, a lot of hysterical folks are wanting to kill horses even though it remains unnecessary. ***********youtube****/watch?v=BSxUPNgzgn4

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Aug-01-13 1:24 PM

Talk about an uninformed opinion!! Have you done any research at all into horse slaughter, the reduction in abuse from the time horse slaughter in this country became illegal, and the 9 rings of*****in the towns who had plants? Have you seen how these animals are slaughtered by being stabbed and bludgeoned and many are vivisected while still alive. How can you have the nerve to applaud slaughtering animals who have steppped into battle for us throughout history, work beside us every day, and are our companions in sports, recreation and as pets? That leaves aside the fact that any domesticated horse receives Bute and a variety of other drugs which cause their flesh to be toxic and unfit for consumption. US horse meat has been banned in the EU. It's all about greed and avarice - business as usual, nothing else.

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Aug-01-13 1:27 PM

(to finish my thought) So to make a blanket statement that "Rescues need to take more responsibility and people need to get their hand dirty" to solve it, I say no, the government and the lousy, slimy business people who are looking to make money out of the terror and abuse of these noble animals are at fault and always have and always will be.

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