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Defends horse slaughter

July 31, 2013 Dear Editor, If Mr. Redford, PETA, HSUS, and others insist on pursuit of banning slaughter in the USA then might I make a suggestion. more »»

Questions horse slaughter plant in Iowa

July 24, 2013 -Letter to the Editor: Iowa has become ground zero in the national debate on horse slaughter, now that the USDA has cleared a horse slaughter plant to begin butchering horses here. more »»

Free clinic for children with orthopaedic condition

July 10, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Citizens of Tama County, if you know of any child up to the age of 18 in your area with an orthopaedic condition (muscle, bone or joint related) please inform families about a... more »»

Career Development staff, participants reflect

July 8, 2013 Letter to the Editor: The staff and participants of the Tama Career Development Center wish to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support of our participants and ongoing programs... more »»

Questions T-T Aquatic Center ticket policy

June 19, 2013 Dear Editor: It was brought to my attention today after I already purchased my family’s season ticket for the Aquatic Center, that since my Fiancée and I filed our taxes separate and are not legally... more »»

National Debt

June 10, 2013 Letter to the Editor: I would like to comment on the letter to the editor by Anne Michael where she states the projected debt for the United States in 2013 is $600 billion, along with some other... more »»

Zabel and Tama

June 7, 2013 Letter to the Editor: A few years ago David Hamilton from Grinnell (long-time financial advisor to the Men’s Golf League in Tama) was having a conversation with Jim Zabel when the subject of Tama... more »»

Appreciates community help at Toledo Library

June 5, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Thanks!Gratitude! Appreciation! These are the words I would like to express to our wonderful, hard-working library staff and generous community for all the many hours they put... more »»

Debt trend is hopeful

May 24, 2013 To the editor: As a former letter pointed out, it is absolutely correct to be concerned about the national debt. However, there is at least a degree of hope on the horizon. more »»

Disappointed for the Iowa Veterans Home

May 22, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Disappointed for the Iowa Veterans Home Recently, I was part of a small group who gave testimony to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee regarding serious concerns about the... more »»

Meskwaki parent questions actions

May 17, 2013 Open Letter to the Community: As a concerned parent in the Meskwaki community, this letter is written to the community at-large, to inform the people of events that took place regarding my son and... more »»

Express concerns about Iowa Veterans Home

May 1, 2013 Letter to the Editor: CONCERNS about the Iowa Veterans Home We, the undersigned former employees of the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH), wish to express our deep concern about what is happening there. more »»

Support needed for Iowa Public Information Board

April 26, 2013 To the Editor, Self-government must include the right and means to know what your representatives are doing and why they are doing it. more »»

Voulenteers needed at Veterans Home

April 22, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Erma Bombeck said it best, “Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain lovin... more »»

40 years of abortions

April 21, 2013 Letter to the Editor: After 40 years of legalized abortion, (Roe vs. Wade), I think it is good to look at some facts: 267,926 babies in Iowa have been killed by abortion since Roe. more »»

Report from Tama County Humane Society Shelter

April 20, 2013 ­Letter to the Editor: WOW! Has the Tama County Humane Society NO KILL shelter been busy this year already!!!! So many dogs have come through here and have found their forever homes of love. more »»

Are the days of family recreation on farms numbered?

April 17, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Are the days of family recreation on farms numbered? The recreational use liability protection bills, HF 605 and SF 413 are stopped for this session of the Iowa legislature... more »»

Says U.S. moral decline results from abortion, acceptance of homosexual behavior

April 16, 2013 Dear Editor: It appears to me that there are 2 very significant marks of our nation’s moral decline. more »»

Says Tama doesn't need higher water bills

April 12, 2013 Dear Editor: This letter concerns raising the citizens of Tama’s water bills in order to purchase an electronic meter reading device. In my opinion this is unnecessary. more »»

D.A. has questions for Tony

April 8, 2013 Dear Editor, Three questions for Tony Sheda. Did you vote for Nixon for president who gave us abortions with a republican supreme court back in the year 1973?  I bet you did. more »»



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