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Says Tama doesn't need higher water bills

April 12, 2013 Dear Editor: This letter concerns raising the citizens of Tama’s water bills in order to purchase an electronic meter reading device. In my opinion this is unnecessary. more »»

D.A. has questions for Tony

April 8, 2013 Dear Editor, Three questions for Tony Sheda. Did you vote for Nixon for president who gave us abortions with a republican supreme court back in the year 1973?  I bet you did. more »»

Jech responds to response

April 5, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Response to the Responses It’s encouraging to hear the number of people who’ve said my letter about waste and hypocrisy in school food programs stirred up a fire storm – both... more »»

Abortion opposition

March 29, 2013 Editor, At this joyous season of Easter, I can only imagine the scene in an abortion operating room. it would be serious. No laughing, no banter, just the business of death. more »»

D.A. says GOP has bad candidates

March 19, 2013 Dear Editor: I like to tell republicans Obama is president because you ran bad candidates against him. That is the same reason that Branstad is governor. more »»

State Senator challenges Governor on health care

March 15, 2013 Letter to the Editor, When asked about Iowans too poor to afford health insurance, Governor Branstad talks about health care savings accounts, increasing co-pays, and people drinking at open bars at... more »»

Waste & Hypocrisy in School Food Programs

March 13, 2013 Letter to the Editor: No one questions the fact that students have difficulty learning when they’re hungry. more »»

D.A. challenges Grassley spending on Rain Forest

March 12, 2013 Dear Editor: I hear so called fiscal conservative Chuck Grassley bellyaching about government spending. more »»

Says Congress responsible for Postal Service woes

March 7, 2013 Letter to the Editor: The latest announcement by the Postmaster General requires a little background. more »»

Support for Violence Against Women Act

February 20, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Last week the United States Senate passed the bill Violence Against Women Act. This is a bill that will help stop the violence against women in our Nation. more »»

D.A.: Republicans

February 13, 2013 Dear Editor: Tom Harkin is retiring because their is more to life than just being a senator. Harkin also feels their is a lot of Iowans good enough to replace him. more »»

D.A. takes on Tony's view

February 2, 2013 Dear Editor: I like to tell Tony A. Sheda that president Obama was 11 going on 12 years old when abortion became legal. more »»

Appreciates Sieck's efforts for Humane Society

January 30, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Thank you Jeanie Sieck! For bringing attention to the Tama County Human Society and their Volunteers last Saturay morning. We enjoy the visits from each person that comes i. more »»

Letter to the President

January 23, 2013 Letter to the Editor: I can only imagine a letter like this: Dear President Obama, My name is Tony A. I am 7 years old, in 2nd grade and I study hard. I am glad my mom didn’t kill m. more »»

D.A.: Spending on cigarettes or roads?

January 9, 2013 Dear Editor: I keep hearing the roads in Iowa are bad and need to be fixed. A lot of people who are against raising the gas tax spend money on cigarettes, booze, and at casinos. more »»

Says "Confused" about Planned Parenthood

December 31, 2012 Letter to the Editor: I’m confused (easy to do.) A recent letter states “Of course Planned Parenthood does NOT perform mammograms (what a play on words Planned PARENTHODD). more »»

May Religious Freedom long live!

December 28, 2012 Letter to the Editor RELIGIOUS FREEDOM With the closing of the old year and welcoming of the new, spirituality naturally comes into the forefront, whether or not one is a member of mainstream... more »»

Virginia's Letter to the Editor

December 24, 2012 In September, 1897, this letter was sent to the New York Sun, and the Sun happily published it, saying they felt "great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The... more »»

Support Tama County Humane Society

December 22, 2012 Letters to the Editor: I just found out that the TV ads about USA shelter donations are really PETA. Go figure that they would use this ploy to get money. more »»

God is where He has always been

December 21, 2012 To the Editor: With the recent news about the shooting at a shopping mall in Oregon. I felt I needed to comment. This was not a war zone. more »»



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