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Out With The Old; In With The New

January 6, 2013 Every year has its ups and downs and 2012 was no different. Probably for each one of you, there were times of celebration and times of sadness and disappointment. more »»

Take a stand!

January 2, 2013 Human memories are similar to computer memory; they have to be refreshed often to remain viabl. more »»

Proverbs, Old Sayings, Truisms...

December 30, 2012  Ok, let me set the scene here for you at the Sheda compute. more »»

Idealism or innocence?

December 26, 2012 We’ve had a couple talks in the past dealing with idealism. Youthful innocence is in essence idealism. more »»

John's Christmas Wish List

December 23, 2012 To be quite honest,this week's column has been a difficult one to write. I planned on writing a nice, sweet, cute and poignant Christmas-type story that would make everyone feel good. more »»

Platitudes revisited

December 19, 2012 It’s entirely possible your weekly columnist overanalyzes the vernacular. Certain abstractions delight more than they shoul. more »»

Christmas is for singing

December 16, 2012 It was early Christmas Eve in 1818 when the priests of St. Nicholas Church in Obernadorf, Austria, learned that the broken pipe organ would not be repaired in time to the Christmas Eve Midnight Mas. more »»

Alien removal

December 12, 2012 Just lately my sleep stretches have gone beyond four hours at a time. Stabbing pain usually brings me back to the immediate reality and lets me know it’s time once again to swallow a pain pill. more »»

Earning your desk

December 9, 2012 I came across this story a while back, and even though it’s not the first day of school or Veteran’s Day, I think whenever we get the opportunity to thank a teacher or a Veteran, we should. more »»

In to the Wind

December 5, 2012 I have 23 staples in my stomach, and too much distraction to write a column. Yours truly is taking another week off to mend and hea. more »»

Time for action

December 2, 2012 Technically, the official Christmas season “shouldn’t” begin until December first. more »»

You might be from Tama County if …

November 28, 2012 The day you read this, the day it appears in The Toledo Chronicle, yours truly will no doubt be moaning and feeling quite sorry for himself. more »»

Happy Thanksgiving to all

November 22, 2012 We are challenged in the "good book" to give thanks to the Father for everything. more »»

Do Unto Others

November 21, 2012 Mike says Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy this column from a few years ago. I have an old friend who is a crack shot. He has every model Weatherby rifle ever made. more »»

God is Good

November 18, 2012 Today's column falls under the "God is Good" section of life. more »»

Shut up!

November 14, 2012 A clear mandate was delivered by the electorate. Now it’s time to lick those wounds and get back to the business of growing this country. more »»

Veterans Day 2012

November 11, 2012 As air travelers sit comfortably waiting to board incoming planes, a large contingent of military personnel returning home from deployment file through the concourse. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

November 9, 2012 Market Report for October 26th On this cool Friday evening, it was the last Toledo Farmers’ market for the season. more »»

The tool belt

November 7, 2012 The tool belt is an individual thing. One the staples holding the product information have been forced from the stout leather, personalization may begin. more »»

Shop Locally

November 4, 2012 First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the South Tama Trojan football team for their big win last Monday evenin. more »»



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