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Joe and the Mercedes

September 22, 2013 Do you believe in coincidence? Good luck? Bad Luck? Karma? Nah, me either! What? You do——-Kinda, sorta! Ok, to each their own. I am a believer in “what goes around comes around. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 20, 2013 Market report -Friday, Sept 13. more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

September 19, 2013 Hey you country western music fans who were ready to come see and hear John Rex Reeves, well he is coming after all. They have agreed to the original date of Sun. afternoon, Oct. more »»

Seasons change

September 18, 2013 Have you ever thought of the seasons themselves as a metaphor for life? Youth is the season of hope, yet there is a season for all things. Spring is for our birth and development. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 13, 2013 Market Report for September 6th It was a little warm this market evening. more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

September 12, 2013 Hello again. I didn’t catch any fish so back to work, vacation is over. First on our agenda is the FREE movie this weekend. It is titled “Home Run. more »»

One Nation, Under God

September 11, 2013 I had a rather lengthy discussion the other day with a friend about the wording of the Pledge, and the intention of our forefathers regarding the separation of church and state. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 6, 2013 Market Report for August 30th The heat is on. Garden produce is bountiful this time of the season. When the heat hits, some veggies are ready—NOW!. There is no window of harvesting. more »»

Happy Birthday Dad!

September 5, 2013 My Dad, Tony W. Sheda was born on Sept. 6, 1913, and would have turned 100 years old this Sept. 6, were he still alive today. more »»

A blast from the past

September 4, 2013 Long before certain personal electronic devices or social media caused distractions, there lived a young idealistic writer. It was in Iowa City, that great liberal city to our eas. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 30, 2013 Market Report for August 23rd The Iowa State Fair is over, school is back in session, but that didn’t stop everyone from flocking to the Toledo Farmers Marke. more »»

True sportsmanship

August 29, 2013 “For when the one great scorer comes To write against your name; He marks—not that you won or lost; But how you played the game. more »»

Irrational fears

August 28, 2013 Illusions in the mind create irrational fears. An irrational fear is just that, irrational. We know we shouldn’t be afraid, but we just are. more »»

One life To live

August 25, 2013 Way back in 1968, a fictional soap opera called “One Life To Live” debuted on television. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 23, 2013 Markets this week have typical mid August markets. They have been rather slow. But that doesn’t stop our dedicated vendors and customers at the Toledo Farmers Market. more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

August 22, 2013 My message today makes me think about this task the clergy has to tackle at least once a year. They deliver the message about financial duty to render unto “Ceasar that is due him. more »»

Against the grain

August 21, 2013 Against the grain first ran early February 2010. The word for today is idiom. An idiom or idiomatic phrase is a group of words when used together have a different meaning than the individual word. more »»

Teachers make A difference

August 18, 2013 From Kindergarten, and even Pre-School, on through the 12 grade, students will very soon beginning another chapter in their lives--as will each teacher. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 16, 2013 Market Report for August 9th It was a slow night at the Toledo Farmers Market. I am sure the Iowa State Fair had something to do with that. more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

August 15, 2013 Just a reminder about our upcoming entertainment and fundraising events. We have John Rex Reeves who will perform at the Wieting Sunday sfternoon an Octobe 13, 2013. more »»



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