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And the winner is...

February 2, 2014 It has been said that confession is good for the soul. Well, that probably depends a lot on what one is going to confess. Here is my confession...I probably watch too much TV. more »»

Revised New Year’s Resolutions

January 26, 2014 I thought I’d wait the appropriate three weeks or so to share the following New Year’s goals. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 16, 2014 What are you doing Sunday? If you are like most people of this community you will be at the Wieting watching the Film Festival starring “Floppy and Duane. more »»

It's so cold that...

January 12, 2014 One of the great passages of generation to generation is the ago-old statement, “Why, boy, I remember when we wuz little that we had to walk five miles to school every day, uphill both ways. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 9, 2014 Thank you for your support and attendance at the Wieting for 2013, now on to 2014. Our events booked so far are: Jan. 19 “The Floppy Show” Mar. 9 “Dances In Company” Mar. more »»

The Chelsea Sesquicentennial

January 5, 2014 Ya know, when you think about it, the “good ol’ days” really were the good old day. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 2, 2014 Jim Roan reported to the Guild at their monthly meeting that the debt still owed on the renovation is now down to $75,000. The Wieting guild has contributed $23,000 to bring this total down. more »»

Happy New Year

December 29, 2013 2014 is breathing down our necks. I’ve seen quite a few new years begin and I’ve even managed to remember most of them, although the early twenties, (age not year), were somewhat of a blur. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

December 25, 2013 Our next event at the Wieting is the “Duane & Floppy Film Festival 2014. more »»

Iowa Juvenile Home benefactor benefited from his stay

December 23, 2013 To the people of Iowa Thank you! Thank you! I am one of, my guess, 10,000 kids from all over Iowa that your tax dollars have help through the services of the Iowa State Juvenile Home, in Toledo. more »»

What's Ha[[ening at the Wieting

December 19, 2013 Let’s do a little catching up. more »»

Christmas 2013

December 19, 2013 If you’re at all familiar with this column, you know that I’ve been in Africa for the past few week. more »»

Tanzania, Week No. 2

December 15, 2013 We are beginning our second week here in Tanzania. I am traveling with two men, one being Bill Reed from the Winthrop/Lamont area, who is on about his 20th Mission trip here. This is my fourth. more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

December 12, 2013 Our next event at the Wieting is on Sunday, Jan. 19th. It will be Jeff Stein’s presentation of “The Floppy Show”. Yes, the Floppy Show we adults loved to watch when we were youn. more »»

Hello from Tanzania

December 8, 2013 Can you believe the magic of the Internet? Here I am some eight to ten thousand miles away from you, (ha, you can’t get rid of me), and with a push of the “Send” button, I am right in the Living Roo... more »»

What's happening at the Wieting

December 5, 2013 “Tis the season to be jolly.” How about being happy and singing or humming to the Christmas concert music on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. more »»

Home on the Range

December 4, 2013 If I close my eyes, and think real hard, I can almost hear grandpa singing one of his cowboy songs. I imagine it to be “Home on the Range. more »»

Happy Thanksgiving

December 1, 2013 This coming Sunday, I’m leaving for Tanzania, East Africa, for a two week Mission Trip. This will be my fourth time going there and after my first trip there in 2006, I returned a very changed man. more »»

Some time

November 27, 2013 “If I had a box just for wishes And dreams that had never come true The box would be empty Except for the memory Of how they were answered by you” -From “Time in a Bottle” by the late crooner Jim... more »»

Where were you when...

November 24, 2013 If you were born before November 22, 1963, you most certainly remember where you were, what you were thinking and wondering what the future might hol. more »»



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