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Biographies by:   Jesus Cervantes, Shayla Behounek, Raymond Behrends, Leila Ellis, David Ramirez, Melanie Alonso, Kelsey Culbertson, Nolan Upah Alejandro Carrera (5th) Congratulations to Alejandro for winning February Student of the Month.   His family members are Vero, Tony (his dad), Tony (his brother), Angel, and Alan.   His hobbies are reading and baseball.   He describes himself as smart, nice, and small.   His best characteristics are his spirit, ability to draw, and being cool.   His advice to his classmates is to be nice, listen, and to not be annoying.

Rilea Schmidt (5th) Congratulations to Rilea Schmidt for winning student of the month!   She is in 5th grade and is 11 years old.   Her parent's names are Tiffany. and Jay.   Rilea has two brothers named Logan and Tucker.   She has two dogs named Zeus and Riz.   She would describe herself as nice, thoughtful, and caring.   Her hobbies are writing and drawing.   Her three main characteristics are active, happy, and short-tempered.   Rilea's advice to her classmates is, "Try hard and keep going." Amber Myli (6th) Congratulations to Amber Myli for earning student of the month.   She is 12 and is in 6th grade. Her advice for classmates is to be nice, friendly, helpful, and kind. She has a mom, dad, and brother.   She describes herself as quiet, and shy.   In her free time she likes to help her mom around the house and also likes to play catch with her dad and brother. Arro Lyons (6th) At South Tama Middle School Arro Lyons was one of the lucky students to be student of the month for February.   Arro is 12 years old and is in 6th grade. Arro allowed us to ask the names of the family in her household. Here mother is Anna, grandma is Resa, grandpa is Dale, and she has a puppy named Charlie.   Arro’s hobbies are drawing, going outside, and playing video games. She describes herself as FABULOUS!   Her best characteristics is that she is funny. Finally she says for her advice for her classmate is, “Be fabulous!” Mitchell Klostermann (7th) Congratulations to Mitchell Klostermann for earning February Student of the Month!   He is 13 years old and in 7th grade.   His family members are Russ, Kellee, Kaylee, Dakota, and Montana.   His hobbies are golf, swimming, and watching TV.   He describes himself as kind and fun.   His best characteristics are that he is nice, helpful, and forgiving.   His advice to his classmates is to do your best. Jonathan Meyer (7th) Congratulations to Jonathan Meyer for earning February Student of the Month.   His parents are Jenna and Jeremy.   His sister is Kristi.   Some of his hobbies are WWE, Wikipedia, and watching the news.   He describes himself as logical.   His best characteristics are that he is enthusiastic and caring.   The advice he gives to his classmates is to be respectful.

Sydney Parizek (8th) Congratulations to Sydney Parizek for earning February Student of the Month. Sydney is 13 and is in 8th grade.   Her parents are Amy and Dan Parizek.   She has one sister named Abby and two dogs named Kate and Sadie. Sydney is in lots of activities including volleyball, track, softball, and dance.   She describes herself as beautiful.   Her   three best characteristics are being smart, athletic, and respectful. Her advice to her friends and classmates is, "Be nice and make good choices." Bennett Stewart (8th) Congratulations to Bennett Stewart for getting student of the month.   Ben is an average 8th grader and he is 14 years old.   His mom is Amy and his dad is Phillip.   His sister is Carley.   He also has a dog named Ty.   Ben's two hobbies are baseball and drawing.   He describes himself as kind and artistic. His three best characteristics are funny, pretty, and creative. Ben's advice for his classmates is to be good in school.



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