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A number of complaints filed with or brought to the attention of the State Fire Marshal’s Division were unfounded according to the inspectors initial findings according to Kyle Gorsh, special agent in charge of the Fire Marshal Division. “Most of the rumors were unfounded,” Gorsh wrote in response to a Chronicle inquiry. Meanwhile a fire safety report submitted to STC school officials on March 12 lists a number of items which require compliance, That report was made available by the Fire Marshal Division on April 3. The person bringing the complaints to the Fire Marshal Division was not identified in the reports received by The Chronicle. Allegations which were unfounded according to the report included 10 issues relating to the condition of the building and its occupancy size. “General deficiencies were observed by our Inspectors that will be addressed with the school district directly such as a few holes that need sealed, doors failing to close and latch, monthly visual inspections missing for a few fire extinguishers, etc. These are common deficiencies in school buildings. The school will be required to provide us with a plan of correction to correct these findings in a timely fashion,” the complaint report also said. The allegations and findings were: •Areas are blocked off by cardboard. This is unfounded and none noted at the time of inspection. • Classrooms are located in closets or Storage Rooms. This is unfounded and none noted at the time of inspection. • Recent wall or construction on site without plan reviews. This is unfounded. The only recent construction at the school were new ceilings back in August 2019. •Ceiling Tiles are falling on students and Staff. The building had new sheet rock applied over the existing plaster in the classrooms along with new lay-in tile throughout the building in August of 2019 therefore, unfounded. • The corridors contain Desks and Chairs. This is unfounded none were observed today during our inspection. •Wires were strung across open areas. This is unfounded none were observed during our inspection. •There is exposed Asbestos in the building. I observed a sticker on the insulation of a steam pipe in the stairwell that indicated it was Asbestos. Maintenance Director Steve McAdoo stated they had a recent inspection from Ames Environmental. McAdoo stated Ames Environmental requested the sticker be placed on the steam pipe insulation until it has been tested. McAdoo also stated Ames Environmental noted some twelve inch tile. He stated he didn’t believe the insulation or twelve inch floor tile contain asbestos but is in the process of having samples sent out to be tested to make sure. •Fourth grade was moved to the middle school. Fourth grade wasn’t moved to the middle school and is still at the elementary school. The middle school contains grades 5-8 therefore is unfounded. •The floor is sinking. We did not observe any floors sinking at the time of the inspection and is unfounded. •The building was designed for 300 occupants and now has 500. No one could tell me where this number came from that the reporting party has indicated. However, I can tell you that only one classroom (Band Room) contains 50 or more children and has a second exit. According to code section 1006.3.1 Egress based on occupant load and the tables set forth in 1006.3.1 this middle school conforms to the code- the breakdown is: Third Story occupant load is approximately 175. Second Story occupant load is approximately 150. •First Story occupant load is approximately 175. According to the tables in code section 1006.3.1 of the 2015 IFC each story with an occupant load of 1-500 needs two opposing exits. The middle school contains three. More than what is required by the code. One on each end of the corridor (North and South exits) and it also contains an interior stairwell on each story. All stairwells are separated as they are to be according to the code as well. What Is Ordered For Correction To Be In Compliance Based upon the March 12 Fire Safety Report for State Schools and Colleges of the Toledo middle school, orders were issued to cover fire alarm requirements, building deficiencies and fire extinguisher availability. The school district has until May 12 to meet the requirements. The report lists these orders: •verify the fire alarm system is being monitored by an approved supervising station. It notes “Normally in rural areas the phone calls from the system go to county dispatch.” •remove all kick-down and wedge devices from all doors in the school Doors can only be held open with electromagnetic hold open devices connected to the fire alarm system. •remove dead bolt locks to the guidance office, Room 206 and locker room doors. •2nd floor boys restroom repairs required include using fire resistive material to seal all penetrations in the room, seal hole in ceiling of 2nd floor interior stairwell and all penetrations in laundry room near boys locker room. Seal up around two waterlines along ceiling od 3rd floor boys restroom also using fire resistive material. •adjust the corridor doors of the north hall to the kitchen and the south wing corridor doors so the doors will close and positively latch. •replace door to laundry room near boys locker room with sold core door with standard latching hardware. •Electrical: repair or replace battery backup emergency light in the stairwell near classroom 204; provide covers for four open junction boxes and secure the light to the ceiling in the tunnel room; and verify outlet in the custodial room is properly grounded. •conduct monthly visual inspections on all fire extinguisher and date and initial inspection tags; extinguisher in classroom 308 did not have monthly visual inspections. •smoke detector in the radio room is missing and must be replaced, •nurse’s office door contains open louvres. The door need sto be fire resistive by covering louvers with steel or replacing with solid core door.



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