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South Tama Schools Superintendent Mary Jones discussed plans for the South Tama County Community School building and grounds during the Nov. 7 regular school board meeting. Jones and the board feel the public should know the improvements that have been made. Each year they add to the goals for the school, finding a way to accomplish them. Goals discussed included demonstrating increased academic student achievement in all core areas as measured by the Iowa Assessment, MAP, and other State level criteria. Also, immerse students and staff in a technology rich learning environment (climate and culture). And, focus on effective communication with all South Tama County Community Schools stakeholders, and to develop and implement a multi-year facility plan. Not all of the goals are met in the year set out, but many are seen to be accomplished in following years after the ground work is laid in the planning. A review of goals and accomplishments past and present and the year they first were discussed or included in plans were: 2008-2009- •Athletic Department- painted the inside and outside of the blockhouse, remodeled and added on to the press box, replaced football field lights, resurfaced the softball and baseball infield, installed weight room mirrors in the blockhouse, new baseball and softball batting cages, replaced baseball dugouts and added storage room and a chain link fence for discus throw. •Transportation- digital cameras were installed for buses and one new bus was purchased. Demolition and removal of the Chelsea building was completed as well as removal of asbestos for pipe insulation and gym floor. •Elementary School- automatic door openers were installed for the south entry. Also removal of a concrete curb in median to allow buses to turn without driving on lawn or median. •High School new electrical underground power feed to the blockhouse was installed. New doors and frames at the north entry ramp were installed. A new roof coat was done on the blockhouse to prevent rust and leaks. Also, concrete floors and new shower heads were done in the locker rooms. 2009-2010: •Administration Building received new carpet in the basement and upstairs. •Athletic Department painted the bleachers and installed new chain link fence on railings •The Blockhouse was renovated •Chelsea building was burned. •High school replacement of the food service dock roof and walls were done, replacement of the roof on the south educational wing, construction of a corridor through the voc-ag shop and landscaping for east side of the building. •Middle school had new doors installed on the West entry and the north entry. •Electronic lighting was done on the main floor of Partnership Center. •Football concessions and restrooms were remodeled. •New snow plow was purchased for the red maintenance truck. Irrigation at the practice field and softball field was installed. •Fiberoptic cable was installed for all the schools. 2010-201: •Administration Building receiving new carpet on the main floor as well as new cabinets and sink. •Bus Barn- installed bird screen under the canopy to reduce bird droppings on the buses and a new bus was purchased. •Elementary Building a surveillance camera system was installed. •High School- the Voc-ag and Auto Shop department added ceiling insulation and installed a new ceiling. The gymnasium had the roof replaced. A new door and frame leading into the wood shop was installed as well as a computerized heating system controls was installed. A curb was installed west of the shop area. Middle School- New electrical panels and main feeder lines (5 total) were installed. •Other improvements included the repair or replacement of the tennis courts. A soil decompactor for playgrounds and sports fields at the bus barn were added and replacement of the protable classrooms at the high school- now underway with a $5.7 million addiiton under construction. 2011 and 2012- •The goals included installing electronic activities sign along Highway 63, and constructing a storage department at the football practice field. For the high school included replacing the ceramic floor tile in the kitchen, the middle school updated the girls restrooms on all three floors and updated the boys restrooms on the first and third floors. A new bus was added ( it is the goal of the school to replace one bus each year). •2012-2013- •Pouring concrete on the west side of the high school building between the two shop doors, resurfacing the track, replacing the windows in the southwest entrance of the middle school and replacing all classroom doors in the middle school. Purchase of a new bus, replacing sidewalks around the gym, repainting student lockers in main halls and installing lockers for four seasons. 2013-2014- •Install an elevator for all three floors at the middle school, install new elevator to upper and lower south education wing at the high school, air condition all classrooms at the highschool. 2015-2016- • Purchase a New Suburban, installing a new boiler for heating at the Elementary and paving the road and parking lot. The high school includes replacing two doors and frames at the west entry in cafeteria, replacing two doors and frame on the Voc-Ag Shop area, replacing two doors at the south entrance of the south education area, install basins for new roof downspouts and upgrade electrical panels, as well as installing new boiler controls. Partnership center improvements include installing new carpet for the board room and AEA second floor. The administration building has widened handicapped ramp on the east side of the building, and repairs to the back entry ceiling completed. The Middle school has a new condensate tank for heating and the high school repladed ceiling tile in the lower and upper education win 2017-2018- •Replacing football field lights and upgrading softball and baseball infield surfaces. Every year goal at the middle school is to replace carpeting in two classrooms per year ($4,000). In other business on Monday, Nov. 7: •Steve McAdoo, mantainance director had bids on an eight-foot plow to install on a new truck. Bids were from Central Iowa Machine Shop and Z Line, Toledo. Z-Line’s bid for $5,224 was the low bid and accepted. •Discussion items included District academic and operational budgetary needs such as an additional ESL teacher at the Middle School, an Elementary and Middle School Computer Lab and New Athletic Lockers in the Block House. Jones when the block house was built the insides were never finished and is badly in need of being remodeled internally. •a construction update on the $5.7 million high school addition was received stating starting out, work ran about two weeks behind schedule, but are catching up nicely due to the good weather. Jones said considerable money has been saved because of not having to furnish plastic covering for the section of building being worked on due to the good weather.



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